Guiding you through the wildness of rebirth to a place of profound healing and harmony.


Welcome to Guardian at the Gateway.

Our mission is to guide people through the wildness of rebirth; healing heart, mind and soul so they can live in harmony with themselves, humanity and nature.

We offer care in a variety of formats ranging from free trainings, courses, group programs, individual coaching, as well as ketamine-assisted therapy. 

Our CEO and Lead Coach, Angela Ward, BSN, RN-NC, CPTR, provides insightful guidance to seekers ready to heal, using nurse coaching and psychedelic-informed therapy approaches.  Originally a Labor and Delivery nurse, she has dedicated her career to bringing safe and legal psychedelic medicine as a tool to help people heal in a deep way. She has many hours logged supporting people through expanded states of consciousness, as well as extensive training with psychedelic-assisted therapy


I have been able to let go of an old old story. 

I have the resources to get myself out of those moments more easily and with more grace.

I have more love, compassion, grace, empathy towards myself, my family, my friends, and my community.

I like who I am and you've helped me to realize this.

Kacie M. / Registered Dietician, Seattle WA

I appreciate Angela's calm and present demeanor.

She was attentive, approachable, and was able to guide me in directions I wouldn't have myself.

I am in a better place in my life now largely because of the work I was able to do with Angela.

Autumn G. / Impact Wellness, Portland OR

Working with Angela was a joyful experience.

One that included lots of laughs but also not holding back on some difficult questions as to what was holding me back from allowing myself to fully live a life I deserved.

She was very attentive with what was important in my life on an emotional, physical and spiritual level and made sure all of these were integrated in how to proceed with my life's work.

I came away feeling more confident in myself and my abilities.

Mariluz G. / Luz Spanish Yoga, Seattle WA

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Guardian at the Gateway LLC and Angela Ward, RN do not recommend or encourage the use of, or supply, any illegal substances. Illegal psychedelic drugs are discussed for harm reduction, safety, and educational purposes only.