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We all have the capacity to live from our highest potential and deepest purpose. We help you remember that purpose, and help you operate from that highest potential. We partner with you. We inspire and challenge you. We hold your vision as a precious seed until you can see it yourself.  And then, together, we celebrate your successes.

Our Foundational Beliefs:

  • the Inner Healing Intelligence within us all

  • the Intelligence of the Body

  • Nature as Teacher and Healer

  • Plants as Sacred Allies and Wisdom Keepers

  • Profound Human Experiences as Portals to Transformation and Growth


More About
Angela Ward

Angela Ward recognizes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational healing potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Angela believes that these therapies can awaken our own inner healing intelligence and inspire us to develop resiliency and sovereignty on our healing journey. She maintains a deep belief that all people deserve the highest quality of care regardless of their means and resources, and that psychedelic-assisted therapy is no exception.

With a background in birthwork, Angela has a gift for being with people while they journey through transformational experiences. Having attended many births as well as logging many hours supporting ketamine sessions, she cultivates a safe and strong container for extraordinary states of consciousness, developing a high level of trust and support with her clients.

She is currently working one-on-one or in groups with remarkable clients who are courageously awakening through transformational experiences and taking their healing into their own hands. 

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