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April Bolding

Dr. April Bolding's passion is to live her best life and share her wisdom and ever-expanding skill set to help others do the same.  She holds a doctorate in physical therapy, is a Maya Abdominal Therapy practitioner, certified childbirth educator, birth doula, fitness instructor, speaker and author. She is the creator of the Phoenix Heart ARISE™ Pelvic Health and Healing Program.

She specializes in an integrative and compassionate approach to physical therapy and Women's Health. She runs her own healing practice, Birth Portal Services, in Seattle.  Her work in the birth realm is geared toward empowering mothers and families through education and labor support.  Her current focus is on sharing the Phoenix Heart ARISE™ Pelvic Health and Healing Program so more people can have guided access to pelvic healing.  

She is also a major bad ass and I am thrilled to call her my friend.


The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health

APPPAH educates professionals and the public, worldwide, that a baby’s experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong consequences for individuals, families, and society. As a result of scientific discoveries and continually emerging evidence, we know babies are conscious and sentient beings..

APPPAH is a public-benefit educational and scientific organization offering information, inspiration, and support to medical professionals, expecting parents, and all persons interested in expanding horizons of birth psychology.  We believe that these experiences [surrounding birth] are formative for both babies and parents, and tend to establish patterns of intimacy and sociality for life. At stake here is quality of life--the quality of personal growth and the quality of society itself.



We believe that the knowledge about how to give birth is born within every woman. Therefore, birth is instinctive and what is instinctive doesn’t need to be taught. We help women to have more trust and faith in their own body knowledge that already knows how to give birth. This is a unique approach that is empowering and transforming in nature.

Promise_From Psychedelic Science 2017


What is MAPS?

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a non-profit organization working to develop contexts for careful, beneficial uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

Science can find solutions to mental health crises. The development of psychedelic medicine can help heal people who suffer.

Help us make medicines

Your contribution to MAPS helps support the creation of evidence-based treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions using psychedelic medicines.

Your donation will be doubled

$25,000 matching grant provided by the Sarlo Foundation ($10,000) and Justin Rosenstein ($15,000).
We have fulfilled the previous $15,000 matching grant provided by an anonymous donor.

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