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Disrupting the Disruptor: 

Five Secrets to Silence Negative Self Talk

Do you struggle with that voice in your head? The one that stops you taking action towards living the life you want?


Join us in a FREE powerful, week-long journey using proven techniques to help get that Disrupting voice out of your way so you can live your life with joy, purpose, and peace...


Unveiled Vitality Facebook Group

Community Space

This group is intended to create a space for us to explore through various lenses all facets which make up our wholly vital selves. A perfect space if Facebook is a place you enjoy. 


Guardian at the Gateway Group

Private Community Space

This group is intended to create a space for us to explore through various lenses all facets which make up our wholly vital selves. This is a private network off Facebook. 


Courses and Programs

Mindful Journey

A Safer Psychedelic Home Use Primer

This course is a step-by-step guide that will help you prepare for an internal journey, much like you would prepare to travel for a vacation.

You will receive a clear roadmap of the psychedelic experience, how to prepare, and how to identify any potential pitfalls and challenges. Additionally, you will gain tools and skills to navigate the journey and insight to help you integrate and embody your experience.

Mindful JourneyThumbnail.jpg

Spark Vitality Collective

Reframe Your Thought Patterns, Reclaim your Health

Struggling with anxiety? Depression? Negative, critical judgment that blocks you from living your dreams? The Spark Vitality Collective offers a proven program moving step-by-step through all facets of our lives to examine and heal each area. 

Spark VitalityMN.jpg

Ignition Ketamine-Assisted Coaching

High-Velocity Healing

The Ignition Program is a 6-month journey that includes ALL of the Benefits of our signature Spark Vitality Collective PLUS additional 1:1 coaching  PLUS Ketamine-assisted therapy, private monthly integration group sessions, and more. Requires prescreening before acceptance into this program.


Travel Insurance

Preparation, Intention Setting, Integration, and Harm Reduction

This four-session package is ideal for helping you prepare for your psychedelic journey, make meaning from your experience and actualize the insights gained into your everyday life. 

Tiger Moon - Radhika Hersey

Lifestyle Alchemy

Transform your Life

Ready to go deeper? Do you wish to make your dreams of health, vitality, clarity, and direction real? This high-touch six-month program helps you to make achievable steps towards actualizing your vision.

This customized package includes:

  • One 2-hour Lifestyle Alchemy Nurse Coaching Intake session

  • Six months of weekly or biweekly Lifestyle Alchemy coaching sessions best fits your schedule.

  • Longer half-day Lifestyle Alchemy Nurse Coach Intensives if needed as mutually determined (additional cost)

  • Ongoing support and accountability.

  • Frequent contact and access. 

Psychedelic Lotus.jpg

Vitality Mastermind

The Cream of the Crop

This invite-only year-long program is for those committed to personal excellence, growth, and expansion. Must complete one of the above-listed six-month programs or by special consideration. 



Guardian at the Gateway LLC and Angela Ward, RN do not recommend or encourage the use of, or supply, any illegal substances. Illegal psychedelic drugs are discussed for harm reduction, safety, and educational purposes only.

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